Our Game Changing Team

Meet Our Team

Anne Kearnes (Running Specialist)

Living the nomad life of a military spouse, Anne moved to the Savannah area in the summer of 2015. At Georgia Game Changers she now truly enjoys sharing her passion for running as well as educating others about health, fitness, and running in particular. Anne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and her Master’s degree in Media & Communications, pursuing both her love for sports and journalism. The German native already started running in elementary school – mainly cross-country and sprint distances.

It wasn’t until high school, when she realized how much fun running longer distances could be. Anne completed her first half-marathon in Berlin at the age 17, where she finished first in her age group. Since then, her enthusiasm for running continued to grow over the years: “There is nothing better than putting on a pair of running shoes, go out into nature, and just let your thoughts wander peacefully. Keep calm and run on!”

Noah Iles (Running Specialist)

Living as a military child, Noah has lived in many different places and is well traveled. He moved to Richmond Hill in the summer of 2014. He played on the RHHS Football Team for 2 seasons. Noah is currently dual crediting at Point University in Savannah trying to accomplish his associate’s degree by the time he graduates high school.

He ran his first half-marathon at 17 in Savannah at the 2014 Savannah Rock & Roll. He loves sharing his enthusiasm for running and helping others at Georgia Game Changers.

Hunter Scholle (Running Specialist)

Hunter, a Savannah native, moved to Richmond Hill in 2008. She attended Richmond Hill High School where she was active in JROTC and first fell in love with running. A member of the Raider and Drill Team, she found her passion in being active and setting goals. She left Richmond Hill in 2014 to attend Georgia Southern University while following her lifelong dream of joining the military.

After completion of her first year, she changed her plans and returned home to attend Armstrong State University and study Physical Therapy. Hunter is an avid weightlifter and runner. She enjoys working in an environment where she can educate others on health and fitness while continuing to grow her passion.

Tommy Carlson (Running Specialist)

Tommy is a local Richmond Hillian who was born and raised in Savannah. He enlisted right out of high school in the United States Marine Corps as a reservist and is currently working toward becoming an Officer and pilot for the Corps. From running and swimming, to biking and hiking, Tommy enjoys it all.

If it involves the outdoors, he has been there and done that. Coming from a long line of military family members, Tommy stays driven to excel in anything he does and puts his mind to.

Phillip Howe (General Manager, Coach and Running Specialist)

Phillip joins us at Georgia Game Changers with an extensive management background primarily from the marine industry with skill sets consisting of project management, process control, product development, and team building. Phillip’s true passion is coaching, his sport of choice being wrestling. He is a Bronze Level USA Wrestling coach and previously served as GHSA Assistant Wrestling coach at Windsor Forest High School.

Phillip began coaching wrestling in 2008 after founding Coastal Athletic Association, then also known as Liberty County Recreational Center Wrestling. After leading that program for a number of years, Phillip then with the help of South Bryan Recreational Center, founded South Bryan Recreational Center Wrestling. Both programs have shown tremendous success with numerous state champions as well as national placers at multiple wrestling levels.

Phillip currently holds a Principles for Coaching Certification, Certification from the National Center for Sports and Safety and is studying with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers to obtain personal trainer certification.

Phillip also enjoys fishing, collegiate football, track and field, and most of all supporting and training with his wife in her marathon and personal achievement endeavors. After working with some of the marine industry’s largest companies, Phillip is now looking to apply the skills of his past to the Game Changers future and continue to touch people’s lives in a positive, healthy environment as he implements positive change and growth in his own life by virtue of coaching others to their success.

My Transformation…to running

Transformation…My return to running

By Sandra Elliott

People run for so very many reasons—personal goals, weight loss, stress relief. These reasons are among my reasons for running as well. But sometimes, my reasons for running reach beyond those things, towards something more deeply personal. I run because I can.

This wasn’t always the case, and perhaps it is why running now means so much to me. I injured my back while mowing the lawn in 2002, and tried for two years to treat it conservatively, yet remain fully active. When the pain became overwhelming, I sought the care of a neurosurgeon, who confirmed that I did indeed need surgery.